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Which are the important fields of TEST CASE & BUG REPORT ?

What ull do when build arrives, build can be new,old or the last one ?

How will u relate the test case with that of Bug report ?

suppose if they are 800 test case how many days will u take for regression cycle ?

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Your questions are pretty open-ended, however, I will answer from my perspective.

1. All relevant fields in a test case and a bug report are important. (I cannot believe a seasoned QA manager would ever ask this kind of question)
2. The QA strategy varies from organization to organization and from build to build. However, most QA testers I have come across with say that they would first run a sanity test on the build to ensure that it is of good enough quality to be accepted into further testing.
3. I do not understand your third question. But I will tell you how I relate a test case to a bug. If my QA testers find a defect, I tell them to provide an assessment on how many test cases are blocked by that particular bug. This information can help me press the development team for a quicker resolution of the defect especially if it blocks 10+ test cases for the functional or integration module in question
4. It depends. If you are using automation as part of your testing strategy, then it could be an overnight run of the 800 test cases. Then again, it depends on the test case complexity and the number of applications/modules it is expected to hit from start to finish. The point I am making here is that if you use automation, then you can expect a quicker test cycle for these 800 test cases. If it is manual, then it depends on the number of resources you are using, the complexities of the test case, and a stable environment availability throughout the execution of your test cases.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Thanks a lot....

Humm ...  Yes Behbood..! Correct, a seasoned QA manager will not go for this question..! but the questions is actually asked from a test engineer of 0 to 1yr of exp just to find out that the candidate is aware about the Components of the Test case format and Big report format or not..?  Reason being , In India 30% of the testing Candidates are Fake Candidates.

(Though the format varies from Org to Org but the core components should remain the same)...

In rest of the questions You have given very much explanatory answer..  The Question 3 is again a basic question ( Even I ask this question)  Simply the test cases ID, Test Scenarios and Bug Ids will come in picture..


Samrat Jha

Technical Executive 

QT Team.

Whoa...30% are fake candidates?? really? that's a relatively high number... The best way to hunt down for a genuine candidate would be to ask scenario based questions in an interview rather than textbook questions like "define regression testing", "what is a test case", etc.....

The mental aptitude and the way of a candidate's thinking comes out through in the scenario type situations....

Samarat : i have added a colomn of Defect ID in my test case format when a test case is failed then we add defect ID which is easy to track..

I wont' consider them as Questions in an interview, low standard questions.

For 3rd question : if your test case is failed then you have to add defect id on location in test case...


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