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Hi all,

I have a scenario.....

if after the release of the software/application, customer/client finds a major bug or showstopper in the application.....

the bug is reproducible and someone from your test team have left it un-noticed...

what should be the explanation a test lead have for that....or what are the steps test lead needs to take after that .....

can any one explain?

Bye tc

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Generally if the bug is major then it directly questions the testing teams ability. otherwise this issue can be resolved internally with due respect in mind for every test team member.

a. First immediately file as bug (by testing team member)
b. Testing Team lead discuss with PM and Development TL, these three people will decide the priority of bug.
c. If it is major / show stopper
d. Development TL will assign one developer to fix this bug immediately
e. Finally release as EBF
Thanks for the broader explanation Pallavi!
Welcome :)
Thanks for details explanation Pallavi...

Thanks Pallavi. Good explanation. Keep it up
Nice explanation Pallavi
i think this answer for how we fix that bug or what to do, but major point is what step should take in Testing team, because they missed one major bug, so they have to answer for this escaped issue in their side.

i hope siddiq and mohan kumar answer is correct for this question

This is the Major Bug for client side then directly send testing team or specific tester (QA) then check this Bug & sloved for developer.

Hi Sanjay,

Now answer,

1) Analyze the reason for the Defect Leakage :
Could be QA ignorance about the requirement
Could be environmental change
Could be services related issue
Could be known issue
Could be Larry dolly(silly defect uncaught)
2) Summon a priority meeting with the QA team and assess the situation
3) Organize a quick meeting with Manager and DL/POC
4) Log the failure in the Defect repository
5) Assure a quick fix to the failure
6) Re-Test and ship the patch to the client
7) Formal apology might lessen the client anger.

* Show stopper defects @ client end are mostly due to Environment or services related or at most could be un-specified or incomplete requirements.

If it's not the case (if it's a Larry Dolly), better ask the concerned QA to resign the job immediately!

nice explanation abu


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