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I-GETU TECHNOLOGIES, HYDERABAD IS LOOKING FOR FRESH AND EXPERIENCED (0 TO 3yrs) TESTING PROFESSIONALS (Manual and Automation). PLEASE EMAIL YOUR LATEST RESUME TO careers@i-getu.com. Our first product is www.tellmeboss.com. (Beta version is launched. Please visit,register and give your valuable feedback to improve further.





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Thank u malikarjun can u give me  ref


 Mr G.N,

      I have spent some time on your Product and have found some of the Cosmetic issues :--

 1) Spelling mistake on registration form " atleast" is written wrongly.

2) Home---> My Constituency :-- Alignment issues with IE 7. ( Reply and Report abuse is not displayed Properly )

3) On several pages including Monsoon "Breadcrumb " is missing..

4) Tabs gets dis-appear upon clicking on any Tab( I mean If user is on City tour page and wants to go to My Constituency then He/She needs to go back to Home then to the specific page ) What kind of Navigation  it Is..????

5) Clicking on Join Free opens Java Script Error message ( Pop up Window ).

6) Click on Forget my password should better be written as "Forgot Your Password" because System is asking not the User.

7) Click on Home---> Forgot my Password ---> then Click on Login  it once again opens Java script error.

8) Click on Home---> Forgot my Password ---> then Click on Login It takes you to Login page but control is not waiting ( by default) in the Username field ( Email or Mobile number ). 

9) Tab sequence on Login Page is not Proper..

                      Rest I am to Leave now so sorry cant continue ... Hope It will help you..


Samrat Jha

Excellent feedback Mr.Samrat. You have raised few interesting points. We are rectifying them. FYI, My Constituency icon (person with mike) is well placed along with other important icons probably could not noticed.


Thank you for your valuable time and feedback that is useful to improve www.tellmeboss.com flawless.


G.N.Mallikarjuna Rao


 Thank You Sir.......  

I found some of the UI & Functionality issues are:


1. On Clicking on the ‘profile’ link Under Account,  Default Country list box is displayed “Afghanistan”, I would like to change to India and click on [submit].

I would like to know that whether list box is changed or not, list box is not changed.

2. Similarly DOB list box also not changing.

3. After Successfully Login, Capital letter 'W' is missing i.e “Well-Wishers” instead of  Well-wishers.

4. Under myhome page, On pointing the mouse on kids, the fore color is set to black instead of white.



Thank you for your time to list out the issues which will be rectified shortly. -G.N.Mallikarjuna Rao


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