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Dear Friends,
I have been working as Senior Test Engineer in a firm in Kochi, Kerala
I am having 5+ years of experience in manual testing. I have been working this company for past 3.5 years.
Now I am looking for a change. In the current firm, the working nature is similar. Not getting exposure. Since I don't have experience in Automation I afraid whether I will get a job.

Friends, Please give me your suggestions on which all things I should take care for an interview. How can I get another job?

Please provide your valuable comments.

Thanks and Regards,

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Hi saritha ,
First of all , you no need to get worried that you are in manual testing but for your experience you must be at least have some minimum exposure to automation testing . The only thing that matters is your domain knowledge and your personal skills. MY cousin is also in manual testing and he has just now shifted to IBM with a good package...If your really need some change or exposure , just jump to a different company and that gives you a different mood to work and make sure that company can provide you some exposure to automation testing.....U can just have some basic study about QC which is a test management tool and it will be very useful for your career transform..All the beat for ur future...

Thanks Karthik for your valuable suggestions and reply.
I had basic understanding in QTP tool. I have downloaded the trial version and done some study on that.
Let me try to get another.
Saritha S.P.
Hello Saritha,

As you are learning QTP, try to learn some performance tools like Load Runner or Web Load. For performance testing engineers there is a huge demand in market.

Learn the QTP or else if you know the java then learn the Selenium Tool to get the better job.
Hi Saritha,

Are you looking for change in Manual or Automation?

What are your long term goals?

What are your areas of interests?

Hi Siddiq,
I would like to get exposure in Automation testing.Since I have experience in manual testing only I dont know whether I will get a good chance.
My long term goal is to be a Test Expert.
Currently I am doing various documentation related to testing activities, Prototype design in Visio, preparing BRS.

Saritha S.P.

Test Expertise is challenging goal and to fulfill it you require following,

1) Strong Modern Software Testing - you have experience in Manual(any certification)
2) Strong knowledge of any Tool like QTP/LR/RFT/QC or open source tools
3) Domain knowledge of popular domains like BFSI, Telecom - certification is handy
4) Good knowledge of DB(preferably Oracle), OS(preferably Unix/Linux), programming(C#, C++ or Java)
5) Research on any advancement like Test Patterns, Methodology, Clean Room Engineering, avoidance/prevention activities
6) Excellent communication, intern personal skills(managing, leading)
7) Excellent knowledge of any of the process model, Agile, RUP, CMMI, SIx Sigma - certification preferred
8) Quality, Configuration, Release engineering is advantageous - work experience preferred

These might look difficult, but are achievable.


There are infinite oppurtunities in the testing field. Currently, most of the companies are looking for the Automation testers (QTP/LoadRunner/RFT etc). However, there are companies which are still recruting the Manual testers as well.

My advise is to get the knowledge/exposure on any one of the tools auch as QTP/QC which enhances the scope of getting the calls.
Hi Saritha,

There is opening in my organization in Bangalore.
If u r interest then send u r resume to my id: raja.rajarockers@gmail.com



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