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I have a scenario to test the load -
a)suppose 15 users try to login a mobile application check the application breaks .

API URLS and the responses are given to me and is made under application/json format .

Any one please help me how to proceed with this -

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Yes. It can be done with JMeter. HTTP Request sampler can be used for that. JSON is used at the body of the request. I hope you can work with developers who can help you with the communication protocol and its debugging. The protocol description usually isn't enough because there is always small details and exceptions. 

Otherwise you have to record the traffic, but it needs some work. Actually it might need plenty of work and needs good Linux knowledge, in worst case good network skills, in even worst case the superb hacking skills where you have to understand how to hack HTTPS-communication.  For that kind of cases I have laptop which can hijack even the WiFi-traffic. Building it wasn't easy. 

Load testing is the way towards subjecting a PC, server, peripheral system or application to a work level drawing closer to the limits. Load testing should be possible under controlled lab conditions to compare about the abilities of various systems or to precisely quantify the capacities of a solitary framework.

  • Load testing is a kind of non-functional testing.

  • A load test is kind of software testing which is directed to comprehend the conduct of the application under a particular expected load.

  • Load testing is performed to decide a system’s conduct under both ordinary and at top conditions.



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