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"Which tool is better for Load testing and Performance testing Jmeter or beeswithmachineguns?"

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Load Testing:

Load testing is the way towards subjecting a PC, server, peripheral system or application to a work level drawing closer to the limits. Load testing should be possible under controlled lab conditions to compare about the abilities of various systems or to precisely quantify the capacities of a solitary framework.

  • Load testing includes mimicking genuine user load for the objective application. It helps you decide how your application carries on when different users hits it at the same time.
  • A load test is kind of software testing which is directed to comprehend the conduct of the application under a particular expected load.

  • Load testing is performed to decide a system’s conduct under both ordinary and at top conditions.

Performance testing:

Performance testing is done to furnish stakeholders with data about their application in regards to speed, scalability and adaptability. All the more significantly, performance testing reveals what should be enhanced before the product is released. Without performance testing, a software is prone to experience the ill effects of issues, for example, running slowly while a few clients use it at the same time, irregularities crosswise over various operating systems and poor usability.

  • Endurance testing- is carried out to ensure the product can deal with the normal burden over a drawn out stretch of time.

  • Load testing- checks the application’s capacity to perform under expected user loads. The goal is to distinguish performance bottlenecks before the software application goes live.

  • Stress testing- includes testing an application under amazing workloads to perceive how it handles heavy traffic or data processing .The goal is to recognize limit of an application.

According to my knowledge JMETER is the best open source tool for performance/load/stress testing.
More you can use HP-load runner licence version if you want.

If you want to target the server with distributed loads then only you should use Beeswith... tool.

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