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Hi, all

I want to do career in software testing in linux platform.

Can you people tell me which linux course should i do for it?

Thanks in advance


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It's better you learn UNIX(Mother of all Linux) and Shell Scripting.

you have to first study linux fully to work in to it. Linux testing is different from manual and automation tool testing as those can learn easily on our own and with some reference but in case of linux its better to study linux course to get more practical knowledge so that it will help you in terms of work.


I want to know clearly that you looking for career as linux engineer who deals with working in server or linux testing field???  As a fresher its difficult to get in to linux testing as the opportunity is rare in some companies.

hi Abu Bakr Siddiq/Aswin chandrasekaran


wat is the difference between unix, linux and shell script????


thanks in advance,

Vani R

Hi Vani,

Linux is the Unix flavour from Redhat.

Unix is a Open Source OS. So we can change the source as per our requirements and customize accordingly.

Linux is one such customized version of Unix from Redhat. We have lot many customized versions of Unix OS. To name few popular among them HP-UX from HP, AIX from IBM, Solaris from Sun etc.


Shell Script is the scripting language of Unix OS.


Thank you Amarnath :):)
Hi vani,
unix/linux difference:
1. UNIX is very old and Linux is based on it
2. Linux is a good desktop OS while UNIX lacks the user friendliness needed for general computing
3. UNIX is intended for mainframes and high end computers and cannot run
on mos PCs while Linux can go from mainframes down to low end personal
4. UNIX is proprietary while Linux is not
   A shell script is a script written for the shell, or command line interface of an operating system. It is often considered a simple  domain specific programming language 
shell scripts are used various command line interface like unix shell, windows powershell, msdos etc.

Thank you Ashwin, it is more descriptive!!


I m into website testing and used to upload the things using lixux o/s



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