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STAR Health Insurance


Medi Classic (individuals): Aims to provide reimbursement of hospitalization expenses incurred as a result of
illness/disease/sickness and/or accidental injuries, so that you can keep your
dreams alive.

Senior Citizen Red CarpetStar Health is proud to introduce India's first health insurance policy as a salute to our senior citizens. It provides cover for anyone over the age of 60 and permits entry right up to
the age of 69 with continuing cover after that. It is our way of caring for a
generation that has done so much to build the country.

Family Health Optima: This is an exclusive insurance plan for the entire family under a single roof- one family one policy one premium
and one sum insured that floats among the persons insured net result:
considerable flexibility and economy.

Diabetes Safe: Over one-fifth of those suffering from Diabetes the world over are in India and the number is swelling year by year. If left unattended
it can severely affect vital organs like eyes and the kidneys, and therefore it
needs urgent attention. Treatment for such complications can often burn a hole
in your pocket. Protection against such an eventuality is offered by Star
Health's diabetes care plan for those affected by Diabetes Mellitus Type II.

Many more…. (Accident, Travel, Student, Health + Life, Corporate, etc)






TATA AIG General Insurance 

Motor (Car/Bike/Commercial Vehicle) Insurance: You work hard to buy an automobile to enjoy your trips or may be to support your business needs. Any
uncertainty can lead to damage resulting in huge losses. And you are aware the
costs to get you vehicle repaired in the event of a damage or even replacing
just in case it is stolen, can be huge. Hence it makes sense to buy a comprehensive
cover to give you the all round protection.

Home Insurance: You worked harder, longer and saved every penny to give yourself and your loved ones the security of a home. A home that they could call their
own. It’s only understandable that you should want to secure your most
important asset from any possible kind of natural or man-made catastrophe. Tata
AIG realises the need and has designed a variety of home insurance products
that cater to everyone’s home insurance needs. After all, homes are not built

Health Insurance: Today health is not just an old age issue. Misfortunes also never announce their arrivals. With our new age lifestyles, our susceptibility to risks has
increased more than ever. Some of these risks can often bring in unforeseen
hospitalization causing a financial burden on you and your family. With the
escalating medical costs the charges like Surgeon's fees, diagnostic tests etc
may turn out to be very expensive.

Travel Insurance: Business, Sight-seeing, shopping are the things you usually plan for when you travel. What about unforeseen emergencies like lost baggage (and passports),
flight delays, personal accidents, even a hospital stay in a strange unknown
place where you are traveling?

Many more…. (Small Business, Corporate, Private Client Group, etc)



SBI Life & Kotak Life Insurance 


Pension Plan - secure post-retirement life of your and your family (Life long pension for you, after you for your spouse life long pension & FUND VALUE to children)


Scholar Plan - professional educational needs of your children (triple benefit - 1. If you are no more, immediately Sum Assured is paid to the guardian, 2. All future premiums
paid by the company, 3. when the child is 18 years, professional education is
taken care of..


Money Back - get back money at regular intervals of 4 or 5 yrs for short term needs - get 125% benefit...


Hospital Cash Plan - a support plan for medical / health insurance - take care of extra and post hospitalization expenses


Smart Shield – secure your family financially in your absence. Sum Assured is very huge and premium we pay is peanuts.


Shubh Nivesh – double benefit plan where we get one Sum Assured on maturity and another Sum Assured on our demise any age before 100 yrs. Can use this for long term financial needs


Sanjeevan Supreme – get back money every year for 5 years or 10 years.



Many more….        DOBs is/are required to suggest very good plans for your and your family members welfare..


Thank you & Best Regards,

Anand Prem Raj Kolagani
Sr. Testing Engineer


Advisor - SBI Life & Kotak Life,  Star Health, TATA AIG General Insurance Companies | M -(+91)9440557921  


Securing lives and helping others to achieve their financial goals

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