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Let's Discuss the Top Quality Assurance(QA) Trends in 2020

Hello all,

Please share your answer on what are the top Quality Assurance(QA) Trends in 2020

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Hi Priti,

As per current industry standards and software testing services company, latest QA Trends in 2020 are as follows:

1. Test Automation
According to leading reports, 44% of IT organizations is expected to automate 50% or more of all testing in 2020. It is predicted that more adoption of automated testing will continue to be on the rise next year.

2. Agile and DevOps
Organizations have embraced Agile as a response to rapidly changing requirements and DevOps as a response to the demand for speed.

3. API Test Automation

When API and services are used across client applications and components, testing them is more effective and efficient than testing the client.

4. Artificial Intelligence
AI could help considerably to perform testing from the end-user perspective and it makes the entire testing process more effective.

5. IoT Testing
Internet of Things (IoT) is considered one of the most trending technologies in today’s times and with the evolution of 5G & other emerging networking technologies, IoT will gain more prominence in the future.

6. Big Data Testing
Big data has served an essential role in a variety of business sectors including technology, healthcare, banking, retail, telecom, media, and so on. Big data testing allows industries to deal with huge data volumes and diverse data types.


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