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Hi everyone, is selenium tough to learn for a non-technical knowledge person like me.

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Hi Rajkumar,

Selenium is easy tool to learn without any technical background. 

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Hi ,

Selenium provides IDE on firefox browser which allows you to record and playback the script, this will be helpfull only for static websites. But when there is a need of automating dynamic websites you need to learn one of the languages provided by Selenium for example Java, Python, Ruby , Perl , C#

Thanks and regards

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hi rajkumar

u need to have strong core java concepts to learn selenium

once you are done with core java

selenium is not tough then

Selenium is a automation tool that automates browser and web applications. It is an open source tool. Countless selenium tutorials are available in internet to learn selenium.

Selenium IDE is an firefox add on it is a record , playback, creating and enhancement scripts. Selenium ide is records ur browser/web application actions and play back the recorded actions. 

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You will be able to do it. It's not difficult and even if you meet an obstacle you can overcome it with some googling or help in this forum :)


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