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hello frnzz

please guide me to learn mobile application testing...if anybody have some document or ppts , please share.

thanks in advance

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Can you please explain what types of app you want to test like E-Learning App Testing,E-commerce app Testing, Payment app testing, Retail Application testing...

So I will explain to you in brief but it's ok, you can refer to online tools such as software testing help, Guru99, club ministry to improve your testing skills 


I hope it will help you to improve your skills


also, get the certification


Before we dive into the testing of the mobile application testing services let's take a look at some stats for the mobile apps There were 204 billion apps downloaded last year alone. Mobile apps are growing exponentially with the advancement in smartphones.

To test mobile apps there are broadly 2 types of testing: Hardware & software testing.

So let's focus on Software testing for apps.

Basically, mobile apps are categorized into:
Native Apps - Developed to be used on platforms like mobile & tablets.
Mobile Web Apps - Server-side apps to access websites on mobile browsers like chrome, safari, firefox, etc.
Hybrid Apps - Combination of native & web apps.

Let's look into what testing we can perform on the mobile apps:

Compatibility testing - to make sure the mobile app is working fine in different mobile devices, browsers, screen sizes, or OS versions.

Usability: easy to use and provides a satisfactory user experience to end customers.

User Interface: Menu options, buttons, bookmarks, history, settings, and navigation flow of the application.

Network testing: How mobile app under test behaves under different types of a network like 2G,3G,4G or wireless networks, etc or how the app manages the network outage, etc.

Functional Testing: testing the functionality of the application features & Responsiveness of the application.

Hardware testing: Audio/Video/recording & playback tests localization/internationalization.

Updates: test upgrades like updating the app or firmware etc.

Notifications: Options to enable/disable notifications, push notifications.

There are many other types of testing like automation & performance testing of mobile apps. What types of testing a mobile app need depend on the type of mobile apps like e-commerce, games or entertainment, etc.

I hope this helps you.



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