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Knowledge Portal - Adding Value to Your Product or Service

Technology is great. It updates every single day. It changes every single day. A small population on our planet is really tech savvy. We keep up with new gadgets and updates and know exactly why a notch on a phone is nightmarish, or understand jokes about a certain phone battery that NOTifiEd when it was dying by exploding.

But there are other people out there, to whom this tech industry needs to actually sell products and services. And believe it or not, they are more in number. (Even though my YouTube algo only shows me tech videos at this point in Techtember).

For everyone, there is a learning curve to technology. Some things are simple and obvious enough for everyone, like slide or swipe to unlock your phone. But other things are just as difficult, like figuring out exactly where to place your finger to unlock your phone.

Whenever you encounter a new piece of technology, you have to first learn to use it. New parents have to learn to use a baby monitor, family members have to learn how to video call when kids move out for college, and so on and so forth.

So how does one learn this?

Experimenting? Well, I mean a device that cost you north of a thousand dollars should be open to experimenting, right? All of us certainly don't feel brave enough to do that!

What can companies do to make sure that your customers get the most value out of their newly purchased video game console?

The answer is simpler than you think.

Have a knowledge base portal!

If every company, both hardware and software, can make a knowledge sharing portal, it will be great for both the user and them.

Let's take a deeper look at how such a portal can help new customers:

User manual:

How many times have you bought something new only to not understand how to even boot it up? Maybe not too often. But how many times has this happened to people who are new to the concept of such technology? Way too often. You can address the challenges that they face in a way that your end user never faces them. Your web store can have a knowledge sharing portal where you can upload useful, quick videos to guide users through the setup program.


Customer support ranges from frequent questions about why a tablet does not come with an attached keyboard, and battery issue, to migrating devices from one to another. And no matter how many support staff employees you have, they will be overloaded at some point. A knowledge base portal can take the load off your staff. You can upload guidelines and step-by-step instructions of simple issues like how to make sure you have the right charger for your device, how to connect your device to another via Bluetooth etc.

Added value:

You know the attention to detail you have given in your own products and services. But how can you communicate the same to your customers? How can you empower them to take full advantage of that product? With simple 'How To' videos or an interactive sandbox environment, you can guide your customer to get more value out of a product that they already have.

Overall, such a knowledge management portal can revolutionize your company's way of working. It will give your support staff a break from having to answer the same questions repeatedly, while also making it easier for your customers to find answers.

A portal development company will be able to make such a portal for you to integrate into your website. Lastly, since this is a knowledge portal, you will have to make sure you update the content on it and keep it relevant to your products with information and guides.

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