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I just wanted to know what all has to be considered while testing finance domain.


IF any body has any doc's can pass it on to me at asridhargoud@gmail.com


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When you say finance domain, you need to consider so many things. Let me categorize you

1. Standards for financial transactions, PCI compliance, ISO standards
2. Specific areas, Bank to customer, Bank to Bank, Bank to regulatory systems, Banks to different kind of business units (any business units)
3. What ever I have mentioned in section 2 for each you will have different verticals and number you CAN NOT. imagine.
4. I am sure that NO ONE going to send you any documents as they are strict norms when you get on board for any financial projects

Last but not the least your working on some project get information from the client and if its for your personal knowledge than search for google as your chance are near to nil to get document.

Hi Deepak,

Thx for the reply.

Thx for giving the information. Ya sure i will search from the net.

When i say documents, i was not talking about the project related documents i was talking about the documens where u can know about the def for financial terms and like what all differents things we come across in finance domain.
I just gave finance terminology and I got the result, just go through the link when you can learn terms,


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