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Kindly Clarify ? Monster is web. application r website ?

Monster, naukri, stackoverflow is web. application r website ? Support

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Hi ,


Is your Question is this:  Monster is a web application or web site?


If this question is correct then answer is,


Every website is a web application. Which contains few pages and few functionalities.  Which connected  to application server through web server.






I don't think you are right by saying "Every Website is a web application". Static Websties with huge information are mere websites rather than web applications. A web application helps in resolving a problem in hand rather than providning information(website - static)



Its right , Static web pages are not web applications.

I Considered the examples given by the subramaniam insted i should have consider the static pages too.



What is difference between web testing and application testing.
Can u make it clear about website, web application, static

Hi Siddiq Can u expkain about Web application, website, static


What is difference between web testing and application testing.


Websites and Web based Applications are two different things... As fas as your question is concerned ... 

"Monster, naukri, stackoverflow" ... these all will fall under Web Portals .. Web sites... 






 am often confused wit these two terms. People argue diffrently. So, according to you Monster, naukri, Stack overflow are all websites ? which means yu dnt agree wit Siddiq , sarita ? n  even i stand to watt sidiq said.




I have no idea about Stack Overflow , but Yes Naukari and Monster are Websites Web Portals...  they are not web based applications...   I have vast area of experience on Web based applications as I have done more than 3 projects which were Web based applications not the Web sites....    


Here Comes the Difference :---------


In a Web based application a User needs to login first then only He/She  can see any content...  User can not register himself ... only Admin has the privilege to create a User...  restricted access... usually runs on Intranet ....  basically developed for internal staff or certain number of Users only.. Can be implemented as Desktop application with Web Interface.... 


Websites :- User can see the content without login.. ( Excluding certain parts ) , User can register himself, No Admin privilege is required to register a user, No Restricted access , easily available over the internet , Basically developed for mass of the people , usually runs on internet.... can not be implemented as Desktop applications.


Note :- You can also visit the below link to have better understanding :



I Don't care about others ... and  I think You could not get that what siddiq is telling..  in fact Siddiq would be agree with me ,  we have already discussed this topic long ago.  here is the discussion link



Hope It will help you..



Samrat --

Hi neeraj.. 

    As per all the discussion above,Mostly webapplication will have login functionality .

Monster has its login.Then how can we say its an website...can u explain me clearly...

What is difference between web testing and application testing.


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