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Anybody tell me load testing step in jmeter

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use these links....You ll get some idea...




You can write your first JMeter script with this helpful tutorial - http://community.blazemeter.com/knowledgebase/articles/197560-jmete.... It could clarify you main load-testing ideas


  • Download jmeter from  http://jmeter.apache.org/download_jmeter.cgi
  • extract the zip file after downloading the jmeter. 
  • open bin folder in that double click on jmeter windows batch file
  • Now u open apache jmeter 
  • on the left navigation right click on Test plan->Add->Thread(users)-> select Thread Group.
  • On the left navigation right click on Thread Group->Add->Logic Controller->select Transaction Controller.
  • On the left navigation right click on Thread Group->Add->Listener-> select Summery report.
  • On the left navigation right click on Thread Group->Add->Listener->select View Result Tree.
  • Right Click on Work bench in Left navigation->Add->Non-Test Elements-> Select HTTP Test script Recorder.
  • Now go to browser(for Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome, safari etc) Tools-> Options->Settings->select Manual proxy Configuration-> enter port number(to which site u need to test the performance give that site port number) and HTTP proxy(localhost)-> select Use this proxy server for all protocols ->click on Ok
  • enter the port number(to which site u need to test the performance give that site port number) in the HTTP Test script Recorder, select 'Test plan>Thread Group>Transaction Controller' in the HTTP Test script Recorder and select type as Java in HTTP Test script Recorder. click on start to record for which u need to test the performance.
  • after recording click on stop in HTTP Test script Recorder.
  • The steps u recorded are visible in Transaction Controller and refer the port number and url are same as you recorded.
  • Now open Thread Group in left navigation give the number of users, Ramp-Up period and Loop Count  and click on start button on top header and after u see the response in summary report  to test the performance in jmeter.   

refer below url it will helpfull to u ....



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