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Jmeter throws 404 page not found error on executing recorded script


Can anybody help me with the solution to the problem with jmeter execution

I have recorded performance test script for single page asp.net application which has dynamic parameters. This application accept data from user and store it in database. After recording script i have executed recorded script. But Jmeter throws 404 page not found error for POST request. I tried for unchecking follow redirect , now script get executed but data not get added in database

I have used cookie manger, header manager, cache manger and other.

I have also assign dynamic parameter to the request. I have extracted from GET request in script and assign to POST request. After execution i get 200 successful response but data not get added in Database.

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  1. Add View Results Tree listener and run JMeter with 1 user in non-GUI mode expecting the output. 
  2. Make sure that all the dynamic parameters are properly handled. You can receive HTTP 200 (OK) responses for all the requests, but all they can hit login page with some small error message. See ASP.NET Login Testing with JMeter for details on how to do it for .NET web application
  3. You can use a sniffer tool likeWireshark to compare requests send by browser and by JMeter. When they be the same - it should start working as expected. 


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