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I ran a Jmeter script with all the samples under a transaction controller as shown in below image

Then when I got the summary report for this test and found in the report under average column that the transaction controller shows the total of all average time of samples.

 Question :

(Check image) Isn't the total average supposed to be 7608/17 (where transaction controller average is 7608 and number of samples is 17) if you see the summary report you can see the average time shown is double the value. 7608/17*2 = 895. Can you please explain the reason for doubling it.

Similarly when I ran the test for 20 users the average was 1833 which I think arrived in the form 15586/340*40= 1833 (Transaction controller average time= 15586, Number of samples = 340) There too I don't understand why the value 40 (which is double the number of users) is multiplied. Please Explain Thank you

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  1. This is the general idea of the Transaction Controller - to measure cumulative duration of all the samplers in its scope so measure the time it takes for them all to complete
  2. 2. This is not the "average", this is the sum. See Using JMeter's Transaction Controller article for comprehensive information on using the Transaction Controller.

Hi  Nilenth : Can we get video of whole process it will be more easy to understand.

I don't think a video is necessary here. The question in simple is that

If you look at the first summary report image above where I used one user how does the value average 895 comes. I thought average should be calculated as  7608 (Sum of all averages) divided by 17 ( number of samples ). But to get 895 i have to multiply by 2.

In second summary report where I used 20 users  the value average 1833 comes. I thought average should be calculated as  15586 (Sum of all averages) divided by 340 ( number of samples ). But to get 15586 i have to multiply by 40.

In both these instances I have to multiply the value (total average/number of samples) by double the number of users. I want to know why we have to use double the number of users. 

If you still prefer a video I can post it in some hours


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