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any one please help me to learn about summary report in jmeter. i cant able to understand the data comes in listners. i just added view result tree, view results in table, and summary reports as listeners. but how can i identify my website performance is good or not :( 

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JMeter's built-in listeners aren't very informative. My favorite one is Aggregate Report which provides summary information on average response times and throughput. 

JMeter Plugins project provides more advanced graphs which can make the process of results analysis easier. 

And finally you can use online services like Loadosphia.org or JMeter Cloud Plugin which are capable of parsing JMeter output files and provide really professionally looking reports. 

Don't use View Results in Table and View Results Tree for anything apart from tests development and/or debugging as they consume too much resources and can ruin your load test. Also make sure that you're following other recommendations from JMeter Performance and Tuning Tips guide.  

Thanks dude....thanks for your reply...am also using aggregate report...

You can also store logs to file and then use Excel to create even better statistics. That's what I am usually doing because when there is plenty of threads, those listeners are using too much memory and CPU and you might end up to wrong results. My setup is often following kind:

From JMeter GUI about 20 threads where I get real time view to execution

Command line rest of the required threads. Listener is just creating logs, and Console Status Logger from JMeter plugins is showing what is actually going on. 

hai dmitri, can you please explain me about the through put in the aggregate report. am new in jmeter . how can i know, if performance testing satisfied or not?? Error% is anothor coloumn found in that table, wot about that field... i cant able to understand the actual use of these coloumns. if you get free time, please ans me....hope you do the needful.

See JMeter Glossary, it explains the main terms

okay thanku


I'll admit analyzing and understanding the Jmeter's reports can be difficult.

There is this one article here, which tries to explain what the report is all about in a very simple way!


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Can any one tell me how bench marking is done ? what are the parameters to consider  for bench-marking ?


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