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 In Login Screen : I am getting  User name and Password  parameters Using csv file,But in 1st iteration "column name" is getting as the Post data as


How to avoid the column name in 1st iteration?

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Remove them from your CSV data. It's not that hard. All other solutions are much harder.

Thanks for your update.Working fine

If I am deleting the variable name in csv file,How the tool will identify/compare variable name with the parameter.



At JMeter you have to specify the variable names at "Variable Names" text box. Just type to there Password,Login and after that you can use variables ${Password} and ${Login} where ever you want to.I suppose you have already done something like that at your CSV Data set config.

You can leave column name in the CSV file, if you want.

There are two ways to specify variables from the CSV:

1. Set Variable Names in CSV Data Set Config and don't set it in CSV file, as Teemu wrote.

2. Don't set in Variable Names field in CSV Data Set Config, and set in CSV file.

I believe that you need to add either Counter config element or __counter() function combined with IF Controller so if "${counter}" == "1" - do nothing, and if counter is > 1 - fire a POST request to login screen reading next values from CSV file. 


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