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I am looking for sample questions for Advanced Test Analyst exam esp based on the 2012 syllabus. Anybody got any pointers on this. Would be greatfull

For the exam I am using the 'Advanced Software Testing Vol 1' by Rex Black and 'Software Test Engineers Handbook' by Graham Bath & Judy McKay, but they are both based on the 2007 syllabus. Is this sufficient for the 2012 syllabus or there is some other material I should study?

Thanks for all your replies

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Hi Pratap,

Both books are OK to clear the exam. To get the better score you need to do some practice at home with old question papers, prior syllabus is also OK because from my experience you will get hardly 20% from previous exam papers. 

All the best for exam. 


Ankit Mehta


Thanks for your reply and tips. Do you have any idea of websites having sample questions? I could get hold of some questions at softwaretestinggenius.com.

Thanks again. 


TTWT Magazine





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