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Issue: Intermittenly Sendkeys function is not working.

Guys please shed some light on this :

Intermittently(4/10) sendkeys() function is not working.My script unable to enter the string type values in search box(intelligent search).

Webdriver not throwing any error in this case and next line get execute successfully.

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Please provide a few more details:
1. Can you paste here the automation code which is failing?
2. Are you automation a website which is available publicly then please paste the URL in this post?

It could be because your code is not waiting for the search box to render or appear on the page in which case you will have to use implicit or explicit wait depending on your scenario.

Hi Vikranth,

Can you give some more details on the issue.

By the time you are using sendkeys function to enter some value, application should be active.

Try including some wait time till application loaded completely.



hi Vikrant,

Make sure that the application you are working is active, however paste the code here for the complete solution currently


Prasad G

SendKeys does't require any specific object.

It perform its operation anywhere on your desktop / applications.  It is your repsonsibility set the focus before SendKeys does its work.  Also, make sure enough sync time provided before your script perform SendKeys.

Last week I got similar issue in our suite and found that due to slowness of application it is not instered our required text but script passed.  During SME review we found this and resolved by keeping bit more wait time.

Hope this helps.



Thanks a lot guys(Anil kumar ,  Subbu ,  Prasad G ,  DILEEP  , Anil kumar  ) for your prompt reply, Issue get resolved now!

- Thanks


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