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Is this Right to share Your test cases with developers before release.

Our company is going to follow a new process in which we have to share our test cases before release to development team and first they verify those cases from their end  and then only release it to QA. So is this right approach from QA point of view ?

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Yes it is. All information sharing is good. All testing done by testers is good. But now you as the tester must take new role. Instead of using test cases, you should start to do exploratory testing also to find new issues. Otherwise you just test that devs has tested your test cases correctly.

In my opinion there shouldn't be any communication blockers between devs and testers. In my opinion it'd be best if tester and developers were sitting at the same room. Modern process models are encouraging to that kind of work. I know that's against traditional process models where most companies are still staying. 

Of course   yes, once requirement understanding is done & test cases prepared by tester, they will share cases with developers. It will reduce developer's time. Also it will use to maintain quality. 

Argh.. noticed now that I wrote something which I should not have typed and can't edit my post anymore. One sentence should be: All testing done by DEVELOPERS is good.

But if I look at past experience in this field, testers were supposed to execute functional test cases and  log defects and the defect found was a performance criteria for appraisal process. I am wondering if we share functional test cases with developers then it would be difficult to show cases our defect findings which may cause performance issues. This change will certainly minimize the defects count during actual testing but at the same time it breaks the Independent validation concept followed in the industry. Is it a right approach for a company ?? Please suggest with your valuable inputs.

Hi Neha,

If you people only looking for quality of project, then sharing is good.

If you looking individual / QA Team performance. It’s not a good idea.

As you said, defects count will be reduce. Then it will reflect in metrics like Defect density, Defect leakage, etc.

As you know these are the metrics plays major roles for QA team. While the planning for the budget. Then obviously it states developers are good and built are also with good quality. Then why can’t we reduce QA size?

We are not in a competition to raise higher no. of defects. we (developers and QA) are part or team and should work as a team. Our aim should be to make a quality product not to raise high no. of defects and say we are winner.

I as a lead always suggest my team to share test cases with developers and help them to understand scenarios and also help testers as will to there inputs regarding cases (if we missed any)

This is for sure that developers can suggest you more scenarios which will help you in testing

one point at last, developers never go through all the cases as they dont have much time to review, but will sure suggest you area where they think you can fine more defects and ask testers to take care of this particular area with cautious

This will not work,even if you share your functional test cases with them doesn't make any difference.

developers can do unit testing properly which will help in reducing no. of defects in testing.

Apart from that testers have there own mind set, if developer is going to find all defects then I think our Job is in trouble :).

Hello friends, want to ask something..many time dev's never listen to tester's bug. they always give excuses for the bug..what to do in this situation.

I think; read the SRS carefully and if and bug was found then try to reproduce at least 2-3 times. Take the screen shot or make a video of the bug before reporting this Bug. Sometimes bugs reproduce randomly. Sometimes generate and sometimes doesn't.

Write the proper way to reproduce this type of bug. 

In this situation please show all the steps for reproduce the bug and take proper snapshot to show them the bugs...Define the priority of that bug and open it again if dev team not listening your points.

you can attach FSD document as a proof that you have this functionality mentioned in FSD.

Do not forget to mention the complete detail in you defect which includes screen shot and environment.

You dev gives you excuse you can email or redirect this defect to QA Lead/manger and with dev head. and they can come to a single solution. in a defect triage meeting

Hope this helps

Yes this will be good to refine our software. More communication between dev and QA will be good for the business. 


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