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Is there any Questionaire for test lead position interview?

 Hi All,


Please let me know the questionaire for the test lead position.I am preparing to face the interviews for test lead position. Please help me, So ... I can help myself to polish in this manner.


Thanks and Regards

Aparna Mishra


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Look for requirments in the Lead Position vacancy mails or job postings.


Brush up the requirements and you are a better bet as a LEAD.


Speed of the lead is speed of the team.

Hi Aparna,

chk the below site


Hi Swarupa,


This link does not contain the link ....  The pdf file is containing only statement i.e. 

Test Lead Interview Questions


There are no Questions in this category


Do you have any other file or link. Its urgent for me. Please help me dear.

Thanks and Regards

Aparna Mishra

You can get them from Monster or Naukri

Please let me know the questions for test lead position, who so ever faced the interview for test lead?


TTWT Magazine





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