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Is there any Automation Tool for Browser Compatibility Testing?

Is there any Automation Tool for Browser Compatibility Testing?


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For testing on cross-browser, There is a site called www.spoon.net that offers a cool product.
yes, http://browsershots.org/ is the website which allows you to capture SS (Screen Shot) on different browser on different OS.. Its slow but useful when you don't have resources at the same time..

If IE browser you have IE Tester .. which have all IE versions in one..

Other than this I don't know.. If you found it then please let me know

ENjoy Testing ,
Krunal Patel
Hello Kiran,

I would classify this question into 2 parts -
1. Browser compatibility testing -> Verification of User Interface
2. Browser compatibility testing -> Functionality verification on different browsers

1. For user interface, you can either use online available tools as mentioned by Zahid and Kunal. You can search the net for all available tools.
We do not use any tools but actually do a manual verification on different browsers. This is more reliable method.

2. Functionality verification on different browsers. We are currently using Test Complete automation tool.
This tool supports IE, Firefox and browsers based on webbrowser control.

Do let me know if you require more information.


Vallabh Chitnis
Thanks for your valuable answer.

Hello there,

I hope you are doing good... 

There are lot's of automation tools are available so you can refer anyone from them...

Here I would like to suggest you read a below-listed article below which will help you to decide the better one for you...

Click to read continue:  Top 10 Automation Testing Tools

please try - www.pcloudy.com

As per best practice of Software Testing Solutions, Below is the list of tools which you can use as automation tool for browser compatibility testing.

- LambdaTest
- Experitest
- Functionize
- Browsershots
- BrowseEmAll
- MultiBrowser
- Ranorex Studio
- TestComplete


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