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Is the GUI test cases of desktop application is same like web applications?

Hi All


Till now I have tested desktop applications

From last few days our company start on working of web applications

I have one query regarding this . I want to know that is the GUI test cases of desktop application is same like web applications . And do we need to add different gui test cases for web application




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The UI testing itself is mostly the same. The list of platforms is different, i.e. for a web app you need to worry about browser types and browser versions, whereas with a desktop app you worry about operating system types and versions.

With desktop apps, if there's a server component, you may have to worry about compatibility between desktop app versions and server versions.

With browsers, there are additional security issues to worry about.

With browsers, there are also scalability issues to consider. That's moot for truly standalone desktop apps. If the desktop app is actually a client that talks to a server, you still have scalability issues.

Thanks Abu & Bill .

Your help is worthful


Many Thanks



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