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Automated testing has become more and more popular in recent years and this looks like automated testing is dominating manual testing trade. Doing a quick search on job sites, I find there are a lot of jobs related to automated test and I hardly find job for manual testing position.

While I still believe manual testing will be long-live, this looks like something has changed in manual testing. I’m curious to know if manual testing is dead or what happened to manual testing.

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Manual Testing will never dead, but slowly Manual Testing importance may be reduced Manual Testing or Automation Testing that depends on Type of software, Type of Testing, and Production Environment etc... Software Testing can be done in 2 ways,
1. manual testing
2. Test Automation or Automated Testing
Automation Testing can't cover 100% test case, so some companies just use Automation Testing for regression test only.

Generally Manual Testing is used first then we will use Automation Test to cover all areas quickly.



Still Not...Manual testing needs some improvements that's it...It will never be dead...

it is still important You know why: Why Manual Testing is Still Important

Please refer you will get your answer 


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