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Automated testing has become more and more popular in recent years and this looks like automated testing is dominating manual testing trade. Doing a quick search on job sites, I find there are a lot of jobs related to automated test and I hardly find job for manual testing position.

While I still believe manual testing will be long-live, this looks like something has changed in manual testing. I’m curious to know if manual testing is dead or what happened to manual testing.

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Perhaps we can rely on tools for almost 90-95% .. Manual testing cannot be replaced by automation tools for 100%.

Well, if a tool can handle 90-95% of manual tester's work, why I need a manual tester.

Please correct if I misunderstand your points.

because, my friend, the rest 5-10% could be critical testing operations that tools cannot do at a given time or given time period.

Thanks for elaboration.

First of all we need to get a clear understanding of what is meant by manual testing and automated testing?

Usually people say testing done by a person is manual testing. And testing done by tools is automated testing. But does any tool ever does testing? Or is it just that a person manually writes scripts, updates it, maintains it and runs it and at the end of execution that person analyses the results and decides the correctness of it? 

So you can say using tools to aide your testing work is good, but the fact remains is what majority people consider to be manual testing is really automated testing. Human brain does the real automation. It thinks, observes, adopts and improvises activities to perform tests and to help itself do certain tedious portions of testing quicker, it tells the human to use tools.

So don't worry. Manual testers will always be required.


Milin Patel

Software Tester


Great answers Milin!

Over the years companies are increasingly adapting to Automation testing. Besides, there is also seen increase in the availability of Automation Testers, and it has become a myth for many people who think that manual testing is no longer needed or it is completely dead. The fact is that, automation is totally depended on manual testing itself and automation testing is never a replacement for manual testing. Automation is only used to reduce repetitive tests. Read more for Software Testing Myths and Realities. https://www.clictest.com/blogs/software-testing-myths-and-realities/

Your quick search doesn't support the fact that Manual testing is dead, but in the world of automation the manual has attained/created  its own place. And i firmly believe manual testing will remain forever along with automation.

Read some interesting facts about it @ http://bit.ly/1IqFPEM  and   http://bit.ly/1RbK4Vo

Here is an answer to your query. Please check this link - http://bit.ly/1Xc6nfr

Automation definitely reduces the manual efforts and help team concentrate on new features validation and adhoc testing.
Automated testing services not only saves time and resources but it also increase test coverage.  However, One should also keep in mind that QA needs differ for every client and QA experts use various agile methodologies to resolve client challenges to deliver high-quality testing services with approved time frames.

For more details please visit following links to get more extensive knowledge on these techniques:

Hello buddy,

Well, I think manual testing is dead. Manual testing services have long appeared before automation testing did. Hence, this is considered to be a safe process when it comes to software testing.

But, many have contradicted this and according to various studies, this is prone to mistakes due to the fact that this gives a big chance for a tester to commit mistakes.

This is why automation software testing has been created. Most of the people believe that automation is the key to having a successful software testing process.

Still, specialists recommend that one should not jump to the conclusion that he should automate the testing process. This is why there are guidelines that a tester should check on before he turns to automated testing.


You never rely on the automation unless your company is a product based company. Most of the small firms are living with the small projects. So when it comes to the MNC or mid-level companies and got product outsourced they will likely do automation. But projects are fixed with the deadly timeline and outsourced by the clients. During the time client likes the weekly twice build drops. How comes automation overcomes the situation the manual tester does. So only many of the companies hesitate to completely involve in automation. Also, chances of getting issues via automation are not easy since the automation scripts are a well-drawn line. It knows only how to travel but it never knows the limitations. Many companies nowadays are hiring for automation testers but the real fact is all the companies are preferring manual testing internally. 

Then why the sake you are making unemployment using the word "AUTOMATION"???

Alisha Henderson please correct me if I'm wrong and provide your valuable suggestion. 


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