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Hi all ,

I have doubt, generally is it mandatory to learn automation to survive  as test engineer,The reason i put this question is generally many testing types are there like
DB testing, web-services testing ,mobile testing,security testing etc( which has high importance) each and every testing has its own  importance in testing field(there may be many i dont know many, which i know specified here)

Requesting you to answer the above question with you testing experience you have.how much automation or other testings played a key role in your industrial life.

**if you gone through any blogs relating to my above question can you put it here  

Please correct me if any where Iam wrong. the above question i put is, i completed 1 year as shadow resource(my original designation is tech eng working parellely ) working as manual test engineer.

please answer my question in broader way plsssssssssss

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Thanks for the reply Yaron

Is it Mandatory to,


1) Get interview calls

2) Draw more package

3) Serve the organization better

4) Win the customers faith

5) Move ahead of competition

6) Claimb up the designation lader

7) Ensure better coverage


Hi Pawan,


My suggestion to you is to learn automation to better market yourself in the IT testing industry. Make sure you learn atleast one automation tool like QTP, Winrunner, Selenium, etc or any scripting language like perl, shell, tcl, python, etc. It all depends on your interest in career. More skills you acquire, visibility will be more. Automation skills is definitely an added advantage in your career.




Thanks for you suggestion Satish.


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