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Hi all ,

I have doubt, generally is it mandatory to learn automation to survive  as test engineer,The reason i put this question is generally many testing types are there like
DB testing, web-services testing ,mobile testing,security testing etc( which has high importance) each and every testing has its own  importance in testing field(there may be many i dont know many, which i know specified here)

Requesting you to answer the above question with you testing experience you have.how much automation or other testings played a key role in your industrial life.

**if you gone through any blogs relating to my above question can you put it here  

Please correct me if any where Iam wrong. the above question i put is, i completed 1 year as shadow resource(my original designation is tech eng working parellely ) working as manual test engineer.

please answer my question in broader way plsssssssssss

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Many bright and superb testers are definetly not coders nor automators. They have superb domain knowledge or good exploratory testing experience. Also the test managers should be seen "testers" in my opinion and I suppose only coding they must do is Excel macros. ;)

But should you learn programming if you get option for that? Yes. Scripting is useful many times. But it is still not the test automation and neither mandatory. Unfortunately all eployers are not understanding that testing is more than just coding. It has so much human factories built inside that non-coding and non-automation tester can be even better than tester with good automation skills.

Should YOU learn automation? Depends what you want to do and what kind work markets is over there. If automation knowledge increases your salary and possibility for work, and you don't mind if you end up to do automation, then you probably should.
Thank you Teemu Vesala for the detailed explanation,could you also tell me which areas of testing can be explored other than automation to make a good career in testing

I'm listing here different kind of things which has made me better. I haven't learn those in single day but I hope these give you some idea, what I see valuable things. I hope others will also share their thoughts. My list is not extremly technical - because most important things are not technical.

Nowdays most of the applications are web applications. To do any non-functional testing to them you should learn web technologies. It doesn't mean server technologies (J2EE, PHP, .NET) but frontend technologies (html, Javascript, Ajax). When you understand them, you have good possibilities to do different kind of exploratory testing with web applications. Also when learning those, you learn risks which are related to applications.

One important skill which is required for good testing is communication. Many times we have to describe things to customer/project manager/developers/upper management with the language which they can understand. All of those groups has own language so you have to be able to switch the 'communication context'. I have taken different kind of communication classes to understand communication better and be able to be better communicator. Those skills are also valuable for testing because they teach you to see different aspects to single issue.

Some statistics knowledge is also good. That helps to esimate things, but also gives good tools for reporting. I have done performance testing, I have done status reports for code inspection, about bugs and so on. It is also very usable for test data generation. Without good test data you cannot have good testing.

If you are studying a lot, you hopefully find ways to learn new things quickly. That is really important because when you get to new project, many times management expects you to be able to work very quickly. If coders get weeks or even months time to learn how to code at project, my experience has been that tester is expected to get results during first weeks. It needs skills to ask right questions, find correct people, find correct documents, learn to find what is important and what you can ignore.

And final thing. :) You have to nasty enough. Not just for application but sometimes also for different parties. But nastyness must be done with good communication skills. If you have major problems because software development process is totally wrong and horrible, you have to have enough encourage to say that and also ways to get message thru. We have sometimes even stopped testing to force management to think why testing is nearly impossible with current processes. But that again needs good communication skills. You have to have shown you know things, you can do things, you have competence for everything you're doing. Otherwise you'd just get fired.

Technologies change rapidly. Way how we communicate doesn't. Way how we learn things doesn't. So get books, read them, read different kind of areas, learn to communicate, go to classes which are not purely testing related, find the way how you learn things quickest way.
thanks allot for the detailed info of you exp . the above info gave me a broader idea and encouragement .
It's really a valuable Information ....Thanks a LOT Teemu .

Hi Teemu Vesala!,

I was extremely impressed by the insight which you have provided to testing. You have taken extra efforts to bring out something from your personal expereience and shared it with us.

I wish to once again Thank YOu!
Expect you to keep providing valuable inputs

Hi Teemu,


Really, such a nice, valuable things you have focused out here which every tester should think on.


Automation testing make work life easier. They mainly focus for the regression testing and time consuming. If you system is very big they go head with automation testing. If you take an example web-service to check the performance testing for thousand user. you can't go head with manually.

Satheesh C.M

satheesh C.M
Hi sateesh thanks for the info.but my question is "is it mandatory to learn automation to make up career in testing" what do you think is it mandatory to know automation to survive in testing field

As you are aware, many of the organisations are going in for off the shelf application software...which necessariiy means testing as per the procedures followed in these applications. Further, today, you have testing tools/automatec tools which cater to the specific application or a range in the same category. Therefore, it would be wothwhile, at least, in understanding the principles behind the automated testing tools.


Dr Ananthakrishnan
Hi Ananathakrishnan
thank you very much for your response.thanks for feed back. i understand the importance, but want the feed back many experienced people like you,satessh,teemu will help testers like me who are in initial stages to make up our career.Thanks very much if you can add any more points would help us allot


Hi Pawan,


As someone who works in automation tests from the other side - a company that develops a platform for automated testing (see Perfecto Mobile) my experience is that test engineers that master automation can advance to much higher as automation tools require experience test engineers.


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