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Can any anybody clears my doubt on this question.

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    Domain Knowledge is having full or partial knowledge on a particular subject or thing. Those who have full knowledge about a subject(anything)can be called as a SME(Subject Matter Expert).

Few Domain names are:

  • Financial
  • Banking
  • Educational
  • Insurance
  • Health Care
  • Logistics
  • Data warehouse
  • Library and so on.   

After completion of Functional Testing in Software testing, Testing Team is Concentrating on Non-Functional Testing to ensure customer Expectations.This Non-Functional Testing topics are complex, Costly to conduct.

To Involve in functional Testing ,Testers need DOMAIN KNOWLEDGE ( Requirements Knowledge ).But In Non functional 

Testing, Testers need Domain Knowledge + Technical Knowledge like OS,About Networking, About Programming , about Hardware devices ..........etc.

For example if you are testing BFSI applications (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) just for UI or functionality or security or load or stress? You should know what are the user requirements in banking, working procedures, commerce background, exposure to brokerage etc and should test application accordingly, then only you can say that your testing is enough – Here comes the need of Domain Back ground.

Correct Me if am Wrong...........

thanx nagaraju for the brief info abt domain knwldge ...



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