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Is any Automation Tool is available for Mobile application testing?

Is any Automation Tool is available for Mobile application testing? Mobile
applications for ex. Applications for J2me, Blackberry, iPhone, Android,
Symbian, Brew.

If any tool is available, Can you please inform me?

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You have to buy Emulators for the relevant Mobile Model and series and then can automate them using QTP. HP will provide appropriate Plug-in on purchase.

Please refer to the above resources. They look interesting/useful.


Dr Ananthakrishnan
(Retired from TCS)
For j2me or android since it is based on java u can use junit framework.
There is a good example where u can perform junit testing for testing yourself
Thanks to all of you.

you should take a look at http://www.perfectomobile.com. it's a service for web access to real devices. There's a free trial. I found it very cool and useful for testing my apps across different devices.

Good luck,


Mobile automation testing helps you to identify unnecessary bugs and errors of your application and make it unique and easy to use. There are so many way’s, techniques and tools are available which helps us to overcome the human errors…

According to the top android app testing Services providers, With the various features and in less cost There are multiple automation testing tools are available in the market. I would love to list out such a list below…

  • Kobiton
  • TestProject
  • Squish By FrogLogic
  • TestingBot
  • Apptim
  • HeadSpin
  • Selendroid
  • Calabash

A wide range of tools and information becomes difficult to choose but This is the small list of android app testing tools, You can select as per your needs, goals, or requirements…

All The best, choosing the suitable one is a very important task for you…

Now a days, mobile applications are becoming a trend. Introduction of mobile apps made the usage of these applications very handy where one can use these apps directly from mobile without getting access to any desktops or Laptops.

Before releasing these applications into the market, it is necessary to have their proper testing where comes the role various testing tools. So as per best practices of qa company, following are some of the best automation testing tools used for mobile applications:

1. 21: It works for both iOS and Android devices. It is fast and reliable tool for test automation and analytics platform.
2. Kobiton: It is compatible to perform testing on both iOS and Android devices and it is a cloud based tool which provides access to devices to run tests.
3. Appium: It is also compatible with both iOS and Android. It is an Open-Source tool for automation of native, mobile, and web apps.
4. Katalon Studio: It can be considered as the best alternative of Appium. It has great feature of graphs visualization in test result reports.
5. Ranorex: It supports both iOS and Android platforms and it is very easy to use due to its easy to understand interface which can integrate with tools like Jira, Testrail, etc.


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