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Dear All,

Can anyone let me know how to initiate with iPhone testing? Do i need any simulators or iPhone itself to test iPhone Applications? Is it possible to test iPhone Apps on windows machine? Although i have MAC book with me but just want to confirm.

Please let me know things in details. 

Replies Appreciated in advance.


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As per my knowledge, Iphone simulator is not run on windows machine. It is possible to test applications on iPhone simulator but testing purpose, use of actual Phone is perfect way.
Hey Deo,

Thanks alot for your response.

Do you have any checklist or any material that could help me for iPhone testing as i have never done this before.
Hi ,

You should refer iPhone Human guidelines it is important for you during submitting the iphone app. on iphone store. actually during submitting the iphone app on store Apple has his own requirement's and if the user fulfill his requirements at that time they pass user's app. on store otherwise they fail it.

And for Feature or application testing purpose you can do testing like normal mobile application means multitasking devices and etc..., and one more thing you should do network and tape testing during testing the application.
Thanks alot Mrunal for your reply.

Will BUZZ you in case of any concerns.
Ya defiantly, u r welcome :)
As Mrunal Deo said there are lot of user interface guidelines are there. If you have apple system you can simulate. Other wise you can start test on iphone itself. iphone does not compromise with quality. Just one example i could you give you about iphone. iphone does not have video recorder option, Why? Just think
As per my knowledge iPhone have video recoding option. actually iPhone 3G is not support video recording but iPhone 3GS and 4G is support to Video recording.
Yes Mrunal Deo, in new iphone 3s & 4 video recorder option is there. What i wanted to say. At initial days iphone launched without video recorder just because of quality,clarity issues of recorded video. User wants same clarity as i phone camera provides right?
Yes, you are right :)
Before testing any i phone application, its better go through these guidelines , even though guidelines are meant for developers. This will help you to understand what,why,how of i phone features... :)


Thanks alot guyzzzzzz..



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