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Hi All,
I was comfortable with Selenium tool. So want to introduce the same in my company for few of future projects. 
>Please provide any Business mail template for introducing a tool in company.

>Advantages of tools.

>Future acpects of tool.



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Hi All,

Any advices plz



first you have to design good Framework (which is having wrapper methods and reporting related scripts like build.xml, testng.xml).

selenium is open source tool, it supoports all browsers,like qtp supports only IE and firefox. selenium scripts are platform independent. qtp scripts are platform dependent. choose web driver(selenium advanced) tool, its very easy and suitable for any application.

Sitaram selenium supports only firefox it is draw back for selenium its nt support all browsers.

Nopes, Selenium is an firefox plu

Selenium IDE is firefox plug in, it supports only firefox browser, i am talking about selenium RC, it supports all browsers.selenium is combination of selenium IDE, selenium Rc and grid.

plz refer below site for your clarification



TTWT Magazine





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