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<Interview Question>What are the documents needs to be submitted as a part of test closure?


Recently I faced the below question in Interview:

What are the documents needs to be submitted as a part of test closure?

Can any one answer this question?


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1. Test Case Document
2. Bug Report
3. Traceability Matrix and other metrics (no. of passed case, total number of case, no. of fixed cases..etc)
Some of them that i know are ;
1. Defect Analysis report, Defect trend reports (these include defect density, bugs fixed,resolved deffered etc)
2. Test Summary Report
3. Known Issue List
This note contains
the numbers of testcases executed, no. of defects found,
Defect density, Slippage ratio, consolidated test result
report etc. are included. In simple, its the report on
what u did during the testing process.
I think test closure doc are reference documents, test logs, test case documents, bug sheet, sigh off documents etc
I am not sure why few of the things are not listed or missed below

2. Risk Analysis Report
3. Schedule Turn Reports
4. Effort Estimation and Milestone Report
And lot more, I am not sure why test cases and other documents, as we have smart tools where we run the test cases and defect postings are done, just simple reports would be fine for the client to understand what we did with there product and how much amount they have spent was good enough for test execution. So in simple terms the client should know 2 things from the deliverables.

1. What we did with there product and supporting graphs or documents
2. How much amount they spend was right and same rule the graphs and documents

When a test/project is completed. obviously the TC will be Passed & Defects will be Closed.
so while sending test closure/Sign off, we have to mention test exectuion and defect status in report.
While Sending the Test Closure ,

We need to Send:
Release Notes.

i Think this covers overall information on system.
What were the accepted Test Closure documents?


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