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What is Regression and Re-testing? can anybody explain with best examples?

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Let me understand you in simple example


You have 100 test cases, Out of 100 test cases 60 cases are passed and 40 are failed. For 40 failed test cases you do re-testing. for 60 passed test cases you do regression testing.

Generally regression testing is being done in three conditions.

1- Environment changes

2- New feature/ functionality added

3- Pass/ Fail Test Cases

4- For stable test cases 

We do regression testing to check any impact of bug fix/ new changes in our passed test cases/ in the functionality.



Regression Testing : After the Bug is fixed, testing the application whether the fixed bug is affecting remaining functionality of the application or not. Majorly in regression testing Bug fixed module and it's
connected modules are checked for their integrity after bug fixation.

Retesting : It is manual process in which application will be tested with entire new set of data.


Regression: the act of going back to a previous place or state; return orreversion.

Retest: to test (something) again or differently






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