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Hi Friends,


I recently faced an interview and I am in doubt regarding a few questions asked. Kindly give your views on the following:

1. If there are only 2 modules in an application, would integration testing and system testing be same? If not why?

2. How would you convince a customer that the number of test cases you have tested covers all scenarios and his application is safe to implement?


3. What is the difference b/w performance testing and load testing?

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Integration testing:After completion of related programes writting and theire unit testing ,programmer concentrate on the programe  integration testingtesting.During the integration testing both developement and testing are involving to verify whether flow between all the modules in a application working or not

System testing:system consider as the final application or end product which is developed as as per the customer expectation.Testing the application after integration and integration testing to ensure the correcetness is called as system testing.System testing can be combination of functional and non-functional testing.

q 3. performance testing is used to determine the response time of the server for different user load. under the performance testing umbrella various type of testing conducted such as load testing ,stress,volume,spik etc. while load testing iis nothing but used to determine the scalability of the srystem or application under real world sceniro.or ability of system able to bear load.

Hi ,

Integration testing and system testing never would be the same.

In integration testing, we check whether data is getting transfer form one module to other module or not.

In system testing, we check after installing this application in environment,whether its have any kind of affect.


eg- In net banking, there are 2 module

1.View account information

2.Make fund transfer.


Now, u r transferring the money through 2nd module and check whether the account money get reduced or not in 1st module(View account information).


System testing-we are running this application in vista OS in Laptop.Now, we check whether its support or kind of affect in system when its run.might it will hang or its stuck somewhere.



If there are 2 modules integration testing is done to make sure that data tranfers from one module to another or b/w 2 different features in a module,But System testing is End to End Testing where in which Testing Environment is just similar to production environment.End to End testing is navigation through all modules and checks whether end functionalities are working fine are not.

2.To make sure that all scenarios are covered we are going to apply Test Case Design Techniques.i.e Error Guessing,Equivalence Partioning,Boundary Value Analysis.

3.performance Testing :Testing the stability and response time of an application by applying load .

Load Testing:Testing the stability and response time of an application by applying load for less than or equal to the design number of users.

integration testing-testing the links b/w the modules..

system testing-testing the functionality and non functionality of the apps, and how the system reacts...


       For your 3rd Questions Answer is:

 Performance Testing: Performance Testing is the Process of determining the speed or effectiveness of a computer, network, software program. This Process can involve quantitative tests done in a lab, such as measuring the response time. simply, Testing team can conduct Performance testing to calculate the speed is Processing.

Load testing:  The execution of Software under test (SUT) is under customer expected configuration and customer expected load ( No. of concurrent users ) to Calculate the Speed is Processing is called as " Load Testing".

1) IT and ST are different because, Integration testing is performed against design and System against requirements. Design and Requirements are not one and same.

2) Give me RTM prepared and collect the review comments

3) Performance testing is against performance quality factor and against the accepted performance factors. Load is a sub-set of performance against specific performance factor(s)


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