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Hi Friends,


I recently faced an interview and I am in doubt regarding a few questions asked. Kindly give your views on the following:

1. If there are only 2 modules in an application, would integration testing and system testing be same? If not why?

2. How would you convince a customer that the number of test cases you have tested covers all scenarios and his application is safe to implement?


3. What is the difference b/w performance testing and load testing?

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Hi Anisha , 


1) We have two Modules only but Integration and System Testing would not be the same. because :-- during Integration testing a tester tries to find out the defects in Interfaces and System Functions whereas During System Testing  we try to find out the defects in System Results and System behaviours.

Integration testing :- Modules are integrated properly and units are working properly even after the Integration. done against Design Spec.

System Testing :- Testing the system as a Whole including S/w Deliverable against SRS or Project Spec... 



2)  We would prepare Traceability Matrix to make it sure that each and Every Test Condition is tested . hence by showing TM we would be able to convince our Customer that Every Scenario has been tested and necessary confidence has been achieved .


3) Performance and Load testing:-- once I get the time I would reply..!



Samrat Jha

Thanks Samrat..Did the help :)

For your second question one answer could be this:


You have to calculate the code coverage percentage, which indicates the total hits on the dev code from testing. Code coverage can be calculated both for manual and automation testing. Thus, you can certify that you have covered 70 or 80% of dev code through testing. There are some tools which are available to calculate code coverage for manual testing. For automation testing if you are using Visual Studio 2010 then it has an option to get the code coverage.

Hello Anisha,

If there is only 2 modules in our project...Integration testing and system testing should not be same...bcoz integration testing should perform in developers environment & system testing should be perform in user/customer excepted environment


integration testing: testing the data flow between the modules which are dependent in nature after the modules are integrated.

integration testing will be classified 2 types

incremental integration testing is testing the data flow between the modules as and wen they r integrated.

bigbang testing is testing the data flow between the modules after all the modules r integrated.

note:incremental integration testing is preferred for projects

        bigbang testing is preferred for products.

system testing: testing the functional and nonfunctional requirements of the application.

       Their are 4 types of testing will be conducted under system testing

1.sanity testing

2.performance testing

3.security testing

4.recovery testing


Nice reply , I have one question regarding this-

1. What is difference in System and integration testing ? Please explain with example.

2. What is System integration testing ? How is differ to system testing?


Hitesh Shah

system testing is testing conducted on a complete,integrated system to evaluate the system's compliance with it's specified requirements

1.if the requirements are changing frequently in the project how do u handle the tasks with out impact ur schedules?

2.in which phase of SDLC, FS document will be fr-east?

3.what r the guidelines that u need to follow while writing the test cases?


Thanks madhu for the ans :)
System Testing: Testing that attempts to discover defects that are properties of the entire system rather than of its individual components.

Hi Anisha,

1) System testing is part of Black box testing,will perform entire application testing & find out the system behaviour .

but in integration testing is different we will verifies only impact(that any thing bug is raised) while in or after integrated the modules.

2)we will convenience the costumer by showing traceability  matrix and bug report & validating the product in his environment.


Load testing is testing an application under heavy loads, such as the testing of a web site under a range of loads to determine at what point the system response time will degrade or fail.


Performance testing - Term often used interchangeably with ’stress’ and ‘load’ testing. To check whether system meets performance requirements. Used different performance and load tools to do this.




Hi Anisha,

For your qn

1A) when have only two modules in any application, both Integration and system testing would not be same bcz

During integration testing we are going to validate Control transmission, data transmission and loop termination process apart from this completeness of the application.

                    Where as during system testing we are going to validate correctness and completeness of the application

Interims of  all the Cosmetic Functionalities (stability ,  ease of use, maintainability .....................)and  important functionalities like  correctness, intended use , performance .....................


For your 2nd qn

2A) in this scenario, you can submit your client the requirement mapping Docs and TRM columns.

  During Requirement mapping, we are going to map the designed test cases with corresponding requirement.

During TRM columns preparation, we are going check whether all the requirements has got at least one test case. if the trm column % is 100% , we can say that the test coverage is 100% .


Once these are reviewed and signed off by the client, then only we can go test execution.


For your 3rd qn,

3A) performance testing is nothing but validating the designed application for speed of processing interns of Clients expected Configuration, load, storage capacity and peak load.


Load testing is nothing but validating the designed application for speed of processing interns of Clients expected Configuration, expected load .


Awaiting your Comments,




Gouri Sankar.




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