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interview question why u r using qc instead of spreadsheets?

why u r using qc instead of spreadsheets?...............

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QC is used as test management tool. Through QC we can plan our test in a defined manner. We write the test case in a particular format execute them. Every task is having a defined way.
Quality Center is a comprehensive test management tool. It is a web-based tool and supports high level of communication and association among various stakeholders (Business Analyst, Developers , Testers etc. ) , driving a more effective and efficient global application-testing process. Automation Tools like QTP , WinRunner & LoadRunner can be integrated with Quality Center. One can also create reports and graphs for Analysis and Tracking for Test processes.
Mercury Quality Center provides the role based accessed to the Projects. For example, A Test Manager can create projects and Test Lead can prepare test plans and tester can write the test cases. This role based access makes it very easy to control access to various artifacts of the project and also distribution of responsibility among team members. Following four things can be managed in Mercury Quality Centre:

- Requirements
- Test Plan
- Test Lab
- Defects

Where as in spreadsheets you need to it every test activity,but in MQC its done in a organised manner.

Hope I have cleared your question to the required extent.

Very nice and simple answer .....Thanks Shailaja
This is the best answer.
QC is used for the following reasons,

1) Is a Test Management tool - Requirements, design, execution, tracking is easy.
2) Single Repository - suites the Onsite/Offsite business model
3) Defect Tracking Tool - Defects can be managed easily
4) RTM - supports backward and forward traceability
5) Built in support for Reporting in the form of Graphs and charts.

* All the above are possible with excel sheets build are tedious to maintain.



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