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1. Considering the company you worked with as a manufacturing company which manufactures “Bikes”, write test cases for it.

2. “A valued customer requested an enhancement during the mid of sprint.” What are the action items for a tester?

3. Can we assess the quality of an application through Traceability Matrix? Explain the reason.

4. A very critical issue is observed on the last day of the delivery. How do you think the tester should react upon this issue and why?

5.. There are two issues in application, one with high severity and low priority and the other with low severity and high priority. Which issue do you think development team should address for the QA to approve the build having said the time frame is low. Explain why?

6. What are the components of a bug? Explain with an example 

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1) Think yourself for awhile. Start from the basic use cases of bike. Then some extra case from misusing it. You can e.g. draw the MindMap where you first concentrate to use cases, then features what the bike has.

2) Google for Agile, sprint planning and what sprint planning means. After this you most likely know how Agile reacts if middle of the sprint something new must be taken to the scope of sprint.

3) Google for traceability matrix. After you've learned what it is, think yourself for awhile. After this you have (hopefully) learned what TM is, and what kind of strengths and weaknesses it has.

4) Think again a bit yourself. What would you do?

5) Investigate what difference is between severity and priority. Even this forum has multiple discussions about that. But it is possible, that you'll find it easier just by googling. After this you have good understanding why those exists.

6) Understand what bug is. Easiest way to get some kind of answer for that is to google for "istqb bug".

After you've done all this, you're more prepared to your next interview, and you've become already much better tester. You've done work yourself, and learned how to find information. 

thanks alot......

1) Focus on major functionalities of the given product.  if it is bike - Riding is the main functionality.  Secondary focus is on the design

2) In Agile, customer focus is the main one.  So, it is not about tester role but about the entire development team's role.  

3) Yes, We can.  Traceability is nothing but tracing the Functionalities with Test cases covered.  If we cover 100% coverage, we can say it is of good quality. 

4) He should check first that it is leaked bug or not.  If it is leaked bug, he should update the team in advance before the customer finds.  

5) When the time frame is low, Only Low priority items can be taken.  That too, in this question - the one with Low priority is with High Severity.  So, no doubt - We will definitely take this to make the build ready.  

6) Components of Bug: 

Bug ID, Title, Description, Steps to reproduce, Environment, Product Name, Component Name, Assigned to, Created By


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