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In a project the defects are recognized with the following

p1 and s1 being of heightest importance

priority                severity

p1                            s1
p2                             s2
p3                            s3

There are 2 defects:Defect1 and Defect2 which now the following priority and severity

Defect1                          Defect2
----------                         -----------
p1 and s2                       p2 and s1


plz conform which has to be dealt by the development team first and why?

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Defect1: p1 and s2 


Because PM set the higher priority for any bug on the Bases of Release or Demo. So First Development Team have to solved all Higher Priority bugs 

Priority depends on project cycle...So first need to resolve the high priority bug.

first defect is high priority in this cycle..so this need to fix now

second defect is low priority in this cycle but it is high severity..can take time and will fix in next build/cycle

We need to see the importance of the defect for release or demo. If the importance of defect is more than developer should go for high priority defect fix first irrespective severity.

Priority of defects will be decided by PM/SME.
The answer is "Thank depends", and actually it depends on the definitions of Priority and Severity used in the company. This seems to be the type of questions where the interviewer more interested in the "why" part to understand what candidate knows/thinks/experienced with.

Usually the Severity demonstrates which components of the application are not working because of this defect: S1 when the whole application is becomes non-functional, S2 when the sub-system is unusable and S3 is when some feature(s) is not usable.

Priority usually is tied to the business impacts, so P1 is a high impact on the customer or company business which may lead to the loss of money and legal actions, P2 and P3 may be defined very differently.

Also in some companies the S1 includes the business impact.

Another factor that affects what defect will be picked up is the contract with the customer. usually customer issues with high severity are more important then the issues/defects found by in-house testing.

P1 S2, Priority signifies the importance of fix with time as a the measurement.

Hi Vijay,

I completely agree with the answer told by siddiq "time as a the measurement", Based on time factor only we go through the High priority or High severity.

Hi frinds,


Thanks for your answers


As per my knowledge,Development team should give more importance to Defect1. Because of Defect1 is High pirority & Medium severity.Priority means order to fix the defect & severity means how much harmful that bug to the software.So that Defect1 has high priority.


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