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Hi Testers,
Recently i attended interview in an mnc, in managerial round i was asked a question 'you have 4 hours of time in your hands and you have to test a web page having 5000 links how will you perform the testing on it'

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I would do using "Link Checker Tools" like Xenu Web Link.
Agree with Abu.
Practically it is not possible to check each and every link manually even if u have 10 days of time and no one rely on manual testing in such cases.

We have Pogo(internal tool) and give the base url, i will check all sub-links in that web page and it will give u a report which all are broken.

In case of manual, u have to understand the functionality and i hope 50-100 links which be thr which are more important and frequently used by customers and u need to identify them and need to test those as initial priority.
Link checker tools is the best option
Using Link Checker we have to give the link which we want to test. And it will be checking the first 60 links in the page. So i think it will be difficult by using that.
hi linta,
it is open source
yes this is opensource


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