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I had attended an interview this week and this was the question which I was unable to answer
"Assume you have 500 test cases and you just have one day for testing the application. How would you exceute the test cases??"
The application is not yet automated. Its just manual testing.

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The question is not about to execute actually all the 500 test cases in one day. Just focus on out of that 500 select those in which you can test the maximum functionality in one day.

i think priorities the test cases would be a solution. You may priorities them in a way that all the major system testing can be covered. Or it can be done in a way to find which test cases are independent in execution. You can leave the cases those are dependent on other cases.You can execute the parent scenario. You may leave the GUI checklist at it goes the least priority.

I hope i answered the question.
Even I answered in the very similar way. But I felt like he wasnt happy with my answer.

So do you say this should be answer if I come around the same question in future??
An other answer can be..
You can ask you lead to add more resource from the same project pool. so that you don't have to train them much. they already got the idea how the application works and little training would be beneficial.then divide the test cases amongst the team and execute them....

I don't know what are the intentions of the interviewer. It might be he / she wanna know about how late you can sit in office and work. haha
yes u can go with this answer for the same question in future.According to me there is no such methods available to execute 500 testcase in a day. u hav to focus on the severity and priority field. high severity bug should be fix faster Or u can take help of ur sceniors.
- We have to execute all test cases which are based on Basic (Major on the Bases of Priorities) Functionality..
- Or If we get Build after all Bug fixes then have to execute test cases based on that bugs + Core Test Cases

- So Have to execute test cases with following Priorities

Normal/Basic Flow --> Security --> Complex Flow --> Performance/Load
Hi Divya,
In this scenario we will just test the major functionality first and if time permits we will go further
Ex:- if we are testing an email web page and we have short time span to complete testing process we will check open mail,inbox,compose,send,and attachments and if time permits we will go for checking mail settings,fonts,....etc
you should say "based on priority".
Thanks all!!!

I feel we need to start a discussion or a blogs which mainly focusses on these kinds of questions.
The questions asked for a fresher differs a lot from the question asked to a experienced guy. For an experienced guy they mainly give different scenarios (rather than asking definitions).

It would really appreciate if you start up a blog with these kind of question and answers
Hi Divya,

This question has been discussed recently in this forum:

Post: One ScenarioPosted by Ajay Pardhi on November 12, 2010 at 12:35pm in Manual Testing


Check out my reply:

In general test cases will also have priority and while creation of test cases we will classify them as P1,P2....with P1 being of high priority.

In such cases we will give sign off with P1 and P2 cases exexcution and if you still feel that even P1 and P2 cases also cannot be executed will suggest postpone of release.
Thanks Chandra!! That was really helpfull.


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