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Hi Friends,

       I have a interview on 22/05/2010. They mentioned the below points in Job Description:

1)Building, releasing and configuring changes into the dev testing, QA and Staging environment as well as coordinating releasing of approved
changes into Production environment.

2)Configuration Management processes like Version control, build, package and deployment in practical environment.

      Please send the topics briefly ASAP.

Ganesh Jayam

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The topics are clear with you... what else you want, just dig in, can contact me for any kinda assistance.

This is my everyday job, can help you.
Hi Siddiq,

I don't know about all those things. What type of questions they will ask in interviews?Can u please explain with answers?

Thanks in Advance,
Ganesh Jayam
hi siddiq same detail i also want to know.please provide me also same details
I am quite sure that the question will be fired from Configuration management (i.e best solution to handling changes in software projects,furthermore to verify that the final delivered software has all of the planned enhancements that are supposed to be included in that releases & lots more)....digg in google u'll find more...

All the best!

Questions could be something like these,

1) What is the deployment, Version, change manager tools being used?
2) What are the batch files RUN during preparation?
3) How do you restart IIS?
4) How will you check out code?
5) Why do you require different staging(QA, Dev, UAT, Prod)?
6) How will you compile code?
7) what are the steps of preparation?
8) What are steps for patch?
9) How are patches managed?
10) How are versions tracked?
11) How changes are managed and tracked with versions?
12) What is a Staging URL, how different is it with production URL?
13) What is the importance of release notes, what is the template followed?
14) What are contents of release notes, how is release notes managed in version manager?
15) What is the installation process for standalone, web and cs applications?

Each question requires lot of time to answer, so Google is your best friend.

Thanks Siddiq, I will search in google.


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