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Actually, what are the differences between Smoke testing and Sanity testing?

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Smoke Testing:  after build is released to QA environment we will verify build installation, we will check whether build is successfully is installed or not, when we will enter URL in address bar check application is launching or not, we enter valid user name and pwd and check application is able to login along with that will verify all critical functionality links.

Sanity Testing:  performed after the build has clear the Smoke test and has been accepted by QA team for further testing in which will take major functionality which can cover end to end business flow and do the verification of that functionality with finer details.

there you go.... thanks..right to the point.

So,we'll be preparing some kind of test cases or any kind of documented flow for this sanity testing?

ISQTB is defining them synonyms. So from standard point of view they are same. But then every organization has own dialect which can make difference between those two. If you're at interview, you should say that ISTQB says they are synonyms (See http://www.istqb.org/downloads/send/20-istqb-glossary/186-glossary-...)


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