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Just faced one interview and encountered through few questions...Proper ans require...

(1) How tester would know If defect/bug is already logged by other tester already?

(2) Accessibility testing

(3) Testcases for Usability tesing

(4) Difference between Integration and System testing

(5)if there will be some change in UI then as tester you ppl do regression?

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1) Filter the tool using QA Team ex:  RDR-QA. As and when a defect is reported, automatic mail will be triggered to all the stake holders that includes the full QA team too

2) Depends on the Accessibility standard, model followed by the organization ex: Single page accessibility to whole functionality model, layered or menu driven etc etc. Single page is popular in web apps

3) http://www.qualitytesting.info/profiles/blogs/usability-testing-of

4) Integration: Testing the internal and external interfaces of the application against design specifications

    System: Testing the application on the whole against requirements specifications

5) Yes, regression would be done to ensure UI change impacts.

Thanks Siddiq


Hi siddiq i have one doubt my doubt is how to do browser compatibility testing on local IP addresses url sites like

https://ie-dev-sp40:0000/Project name .please share your valuable thoughts 

What are the browsers and versions you want to perform compatibility?

Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9,

Chrome Version 37.0.2062.124 m,

Mozilla 25.0.1

You can use a tool like browserstack.com


You have have OS installations with various versions of the browsers. For this you can set up virtual machines.


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