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prepare data set for a password field

maximum lenth 6 character

1st n 2nd value should be numeric value

3rd n 4th value should be alphabets

5th n 6th should be special character(accept % n #)

3rd and 4th value can not be A ,B,C,D



friends give me solution of this question




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plz reply friends

Hi Nidhi,


Positive Data :    99qs@#

Negative: qs@@77 varies depending on your permuations and then combinations.


Boundary value : 999qs^%, 99qs%$&,

ECP: JHfgjF, 564564, $^$%&%


I Wonder IF a Text field can accept 1st digit as a NUMERIC, which is againt the identifier law in programming. Not sure how Developers will code. 




hiii Abu...thanx for reply

i cant understand BVA n ECP???

Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalance Partitioning.

For the above scenario, thinking the possibilities using BVA and ECP

First you need to test the valid ECP's like

  • 12xy!@ef
  • 12XY!@EF
  • 12xY!@eF
  • 12Xy!@Ef

like the above examples you can create the as many valid ECP's

Next test for invalid ECP's

  • 1qab!@ef
  • 11a@!$gh
  • 11ab!@AB
  • a1ag!@ef
  • 12AB!@E (white space)

Like this you can create invalid ECP's

According to your scenario, valid and invalid combinations will be more complex and lengthy.

I think we cannot apply BVA testing for this scenario. Correct me if I'm wrong.

1) Input password as = 6abcde (ie number first)
2) Input password as = abcde8 (ie character first)
3) Input password as = 123456 (all numbers)
4) Input password as = abcdef (all characters)
5) Input password less than 6 digit
6) Input password greater than 6 digits
7) Input password as special characters
8) Input password in CAPITAL ie uppercase
9) Input password including space
10) (SPACE) followed by alphabets /numerical /alphanumerical/


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