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Can any one give the answers for the following question.

1.What is System Integration testing and When we go for this testing ?

2.What is entry criteria for SRS /FR document ?


Saravanan U

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System Integration testing is made up of two words one is system testing and second one is integration testing. Since system testing is done as soon as the unit testing followed by integration testing passed and all major bugs are closed. This is collectively called the system integration testing.

System Testing is the process of fully integrated system in real environment to very if it meets the specified requirements. This testing helps in identifying the defect that surface only when a complete system is assembled and does not consider the inplementation detail of the component modules.It also helps in determining if the system successfully integrate with bussiness procedures and the environment.

Execution of system testing includes following steps:

1.Setting up the system environment.

2. setting up the test bed

3. identification of the test cases that should be included in this step

4.Assigning the test cases for test cycles

5.Assigning the test script to tester for execution

6.Recording of defects in Defect tracking tool and ensuring that developer acknowledge the validation of defects and defect fix

7. validating the fix made by developer and closing bugs.

Ans 2: entry criteria for srs is bussiness requirement document that contains the requirement and functionality of product that the clients wants with expected performance, system requirement, security , compatibility.

@ Dwarika,

 Don't confuse System Integration with Integration followed by System .. actually System integration is usually done after System testing when You test that how your system integrates with any other system..     Simply testing the integration of Systems ( not Integrated modules ) and Packages , testing interfaces to external systems / Organizations ... 

Hi Samrat,

Could explain briefly about system testing and system integration testing.

Thanks in Advance


Thank you Sir, 

Business resource is a entry crt. for the SRS doeument

System testing means combine all modules and then check the data flow for these modules is called
Integration testing means combine one or two modules and then check the data flow between these modules
System testing should start when integration testing is completed.
Entry criteria:when will start an activity is called
when should go for system testing : Customer requirements are in baseline
100% unit and integration testing is completed

System Integration Testing is normally done after system testing. eg: Integrating a COTS software to our application. Aim is to ensure that the entire system functions smoothly.


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