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Hi All,


Project started six months back and suddenly one day Client will giving build and asked the testing team to start testing . At this time Which type of strategy will be used by test lead.

I faced this Q in Interview


If i am confusing you i am sorry for that.

Help me to solve this.





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Actually Developers will give client and client will ask to certify the build.


Depends on the resources(tester's, cost, time), complexity of the application in hand to draft a efficient testing strategy.


I would go with adhoc and exploratory methodologies with Agile model.

Thanks a ton Siddiq

Interesting question! I guess Siddiq answered your question. However, I find some issues with the question that was asked.


1. If a project started 6 months ago, then there should have been a project plan detailing the code drops to the testing team. (Effective Project Management would be necessary for detailed visibility.)

2. 6 months is a long time for the test lead to prepare a testing strategy, plan, and relevant test cases (provided there are detailed requirements that are made available.)

 Siddiq and Behbood .. You both are correct in your own ways ...... ! As far as Behbood has pointed .. Yess... 6 months period is more than enough for test leads or TM's to be ready with testing artigcats but I shall tell you,  that in Indian conditions its quite common scenario When client requests the development team to have some testing activities on the Project ( May be because of Cost reasons ) and in that case my Vote goes to Siddid ...  Exploratory followed by Ad-hoc using Agile ...................


Hi Siddiq,

Could you plz explain about agile model??? Thanks in advance :)


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