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Hi Folks,

  1:As a manual test engineer, how many test cases u can write per day? and how many test cases u can execute/run if test cases are already available?

 2:As a Automation engineer how many test cases scripts u can develop and how many scripts u can run if scripts are already devloped?

   I faced this question in an interview.Could anybody tell the perfect answer.?




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Hi Suresh,

 As a manual test engineer , we can design 5 to 6 testcases daily.

and we can execute 10 to 12 testcases daily  .





its depending on the how critical the project is but we can write the 15- 18 test cases per day , 5 is not a good digit to tell in interview




Hi Suresh,


Writing and Executing test cases is depends on your project. How critical your project or how simple your project is, its depend.

1) For simple project in manual testing we can write 30-40 test case per day and executing 40-50 test case perday.

2) For simple project in automation testing we can 8-10 test script per day and exectuing 5-10 test script perday.



1) For complex project in manual testing 5-10 testcases, and for executing 10-15, even for 1 testcase it will take whole day
2) For Complex project in Automation testing 2-4 test script and for exectuing 2-4 test script per day


With Warm Regards,



Number of test cases you can write per day is totally depends on how simple , medium and complex functionality is.

And one more point is, Writing test cases means you are creating different scenarios too. so to think about different scenarios will take time and we can not say how much.

still we estimate the time required to write the test cases is based on complexity of the function.


Execution of test cases: obviously automation is faster than manual.

and to execute a test case, there is a pre requsite, so again it depends how much time it is taking to set prerequisite.

and i experianced it depends on client too.

My client has set execution time per test case was 2 min manually.


-S Sarita.



  Hi ,

    I agree with sarita answer. Depends on project and requirement  on Clients.


 --Sandip Wagh

20 industry standard, again depends on too many things...

Hi @Aruna, @Venkat  @Firoz,  @Sarita  @Siddiq


Thanks a lot for your good information





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