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When the requirement is given for you to test how will you proceed next?



When the requirement is given for you to test how will you proceed next?

This was the interview question asked for me. My answer was

1) Study the requirement.

2) If any doubt i will clarify with the concerned person.

3) write test case.

4) Send it for review.

5) Work on the review comments

6) Execute the testcase

7) Report bugs.

This is how I am doing in my company.


Am I missing any thing. The interviewer was not happy with my answer.


Let me know if I missed any thing.




C.Shree Lakshmi.



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 Hi Laxmi,

 It depends on the designation of the person that what he is going to do next after getting Requirement document...  A TM will have different approach, TL will have different approach and a Test Engineer will have different approach.. for the time being lets suppose that you are a TE and you have been assigned this task then:---------


Once you get the requirement : you will do the analysis of the doc..( here I assume that the Requirement document has been Baselined ) and you will prepare a Test condition document ( what needs to be tested ). then You would proceed to Set the priority that which test condition needs to be tested early ( on behalf of the risk ) In between Test procedure will also be created. and Test Specification  ( Test Condition + Test Procedure + Test Design ) document will be maintained ... Entry /Exit Criteria will be set ( but don't forget here I have assumed that You are a TE so its not your Job) ,  If possible RTM will be maintained...


 1. Now you will derive the Test Scenario from Test Spec .

 2. Test cases will be derived from Test Scenario. (  test cases will be designed --> Priority will be set. )

 3. Test cases will travel through life cycle ( Draft ---> Review ---> Rework ---> Baseline ).

 4. Test cases will be executed ( On behalf of the test Priority )

 5.  Results Analysis ( Maintain the Test execution log ).

 6. Defect Reporting. 

 7. Confirmation and Regression testing will be done. ( Cyclic process )

 8. Exit criteria will be analysed . ( If necessary confidence has been met then Test level will be completed and Your TM or TL will be responsible for Preparing Test Summary Report )


 +. If Necessary Confidence has not been met ( Re Designing the test cases as well as Re-Prioritization is also possible )

 +. If You Redesign the test cases then It would once again travel the whole cycle.. ( go to Step 1 )

 +. If You Re-prioritize then once again Test cases will be executed on behalf of new priority .( go to Step 4 ).


Note:- here roles may overlap as all of the task mentioned above are not your job as TE.


Hope It will help you.. any correction is highly appreciated ..



Samrat Jha.



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